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The Career Alliance Program meets most Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen, Texas (in the Lecture Hall).
Please contact Jack Bick at with questions or more information!
Life Long Employability Experience
Change the Game; Win the Job

As a proactive job seeker you are in an avalanche of information. It is easy to get overwhelmed and side tracked. However, within the Life Long Employability Experience there is a simple four-point pathway to success. And success means a job that fits your "calling" and provides fulfillment on many levels. Today there is a "herd" environment that tries to treat everyone the same which then makes the process impersonal and does not necessarily lead to the best person getting the job. If you go along with the impersonal process you are nothing more than a number in the lottery. Put you job search into hyper-speed to personalize everything you do.

Know the Product: This is a process that involves a "Deep Dive" into you involving assessments, self-introspection and discussions with friends, relatives, associates and even strangers. It requires getting out of the "comfort zone" and once you do a whole new world will open up. You will see yourself as a unique person with great capabilities and you will experience much more in your entire life.

Develop your instincts in: Confidence – Communications – Control – Consistency

Develop Marketing Tools: No matter what materials you develop i.e. resume, biography or portfolio, you should have a "Impact Factor" at the beginning of each. From your "Unique Selling Proposition", to your "Eye Opener" you must stimulate the attention of the person you want to impress or influence. Impact is more important than Volume.

Approach the Market Place: The more impersonal the system, the more personal your approach to the market should be. The Higher Tech we become, the more valuable High Touch is. Create "Touch Points" by hand delivering notes, visit target companies, touch people's lives through Linkedin and personal visits. Use "Reverse Interviews" to meet people and create a network, involve yourself in online discussions, attend chamber events, job fairs, and create "chance" meetings.

Selling in the Market Place: Break the mold of the typical interview by creating a "Conversational Interview." You are an equal in the discussion, avoid being the victim of a firing squad. A conversation allows you to impress with insightful questions that illustrate your knowledge of the company, your understanding of industry challenges and your expertise. Ask prepared questions throughout the interview. You will be seen differently from the other applicants ... you will be distinguished from the "Herd." You will Win the Job.

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